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Crow chief had sent to our chief, with a word of
peace. A week later we all met out on the plains,
the Crows and the Blackfect, and wre gave peace
to one another.

In his speech before the big gathering of Crows
and Blackfeet., our chief said:

'We have been foolish people, the Crows and
the Blackfeet. We have fought all of our lives.
We fought one another only because we had the
same colour of skin and were the same people*
That must never be again. As long as the sun
shines, grass grows, and men walk on two feet,
we must be friends, the Crows and the Blackfeet.
If you were not a brave people like ourselves, I
would want to go on and fight and kill you all.
But you are too brave to kill. We want to honour
you as we would our own brave warriors. Let us

Our medicine-man "made5 the pipe—filled it
and lighted it—and handed it to our chief. He
smoked it for a moment and then started it on its
course through the two tribes. When this was
over we all sat down to a big feast which our
women had been preparing—and never again
were the Blackfeet the enemy of the Crows.

We camped together for five days, during which
we boys and the Crow boys contested our skill
with one another in games and mimic battles.
We fought over all of the battles that our fathers